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Digital technology may have improved business processes, communications and collaboration, and certain aspects of organizational operations but it isn’t without its own shortcomings. For one, it has practically taken over person-to-person or personal interactions, particularly where customer support service is concerned. But prudent business owners outsource temporary order taking answering service, virtual front desk receptionist and other such services to improve the customer experience, which ultimately encourages brand loyalty and patronage, among other things.

The importance of customer engagement

Since the onset of digital technology, specifically when AI was utilized in customer service, consumer engagement saw a radical decline. Customers weren’t particularly keen on conversing with a robot. If anything, they felt unappreciated because their concerns, which were important to them, were forwarded to a bot whose responses were all automated. They felt their concerns were being invalidated.

To address this sentiment, business owners turned to outsourced order taking answering service as this solution offers them two major benefits. First, the live answering service enhances the customer experience as consumers can talk to an actual person. This alone is sufficient for most customers to keep patronizing the brand.

Secondly, a live, outsourced order taking answering service offers business owners a cost-effective way of engaging their target audience as they are paying for an on-demand type of service, which means they have eliminated overhead costs employers spend on in-house, full-time employees.

Additionally, an on-demand live answering service reduces the risk of dropped orders online thus improving sales and increasing revenue from new customers.

A live support sets you apart from the rest

When customers can talk to a live agent, whether for order processing or concerns about their purchase, they will feel appreciated and they will feel that you truly value their business. And if you’re concerned about the live agent’s knowledge about your products and/or services, your consumer demographic, and everything else about your business, don’t be. Live answering agents undergo extensive training about your company and your brand(s), so they can give accurate answers to customers’ general questions. For concerns that require a more in-depth approach, these will be forwarded to the right personnel.

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