Dispatch Answering Service: Prompt Emergency Assistance

If you’re a doctor, an emergency first responder, or a healthcare practitioner, it’s important that emergency calls reach you no matter where you are and no matter the time of day or night. Sometimes, that one call is all it takes to save a life. And a dispatch answering service could very well be the lifeline that your callers need.

Dispatchers are highly-trained professionals who know how to sift through calls, which means they are able to tell when a caller genuinely needs emergency assistance and when such calls are merely a prank. Additionally, they are trained to stay calm and alert, so they can fully and accurately comprehend what the caller is saying and what they need. In other words, they are trained not to panic, among other things.

Prompt response in emergency situations

In emergency situations where someone’s life is at risk, prompt response is critical. This is why emergency calls should never be left unanswered. These should be taken as soon as they come, which means the call should be answered on the first ring. One minute of waiting could be one minute too late. This is where a dispatch answering service dedicated to answering emergency calls becomes an indispensable component of your dispatch center or emergency response department.

These calls could be directed towards doctors, EMT’s or other healthcare professionals as well as those in the police force, law enforcement, and legal field.

Non-life threatening situations

Not all emergency calls are life-threatening. Sometimes, these calls are made to specific facilities, establishments, or professionals for troubleshooting purposes. You could say that such calls are more geared towards business emergencies than life-threatening situations.

IT professionals, equipment repair and maintenance specialists, HVAC specialist, and roofing contractors are but some of the professional individuals called for troubleshooting assistance.

These calls may not be as critical to someone’s life as a medical emergency call but prompt response is still required as a delay in repairs could cost the business a considerable loss, both in profits and customer base.

For these calls, a dispatch answering service likewise becomes an indispensable component in your organization. Prompt response to these calls basically equate to customer satisfaction, and a happy customer is not only a repeat customer but also your brand’s free yet highly powerful advertisement. Nothing makes for a great marketing technique than word-of-mouth.

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