Why include on-demand virtual receptionist service in crisis management

Business owners know their business is exposed to various risks, and without warning, any one of these risk exposures could turn into a full-blown crisis. This is why businesses should always have a crisis management plan. Now, you may wonder how a virtual receptionist service fits into all this. This is briefly explained below.

Crisis management

In business, a crisis may occur at any given time, which could be financial, organizational, or IT or technological in nature. Crises involving personnel are known to happen as well, such as when an employee’s behavior or actions directly affects customer relations. Additionally, when a natural disaster that could potentially negatively impact certain businesses occurs, this is considered as a crisis in business as well.

In general, two things could happen to the business when it finds itself in the middle of a crisis. First, it could cause a decrease in sales and profits. Secondly, the crisis could cause the business to be shut down temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity or extent of the crisis. However, these consequences or effects could be prevented with a solid crisis management plan.

Virtual receptionist in a crisis management plan

When a crisis occurs, you would need all the help you can get. You’ll need everyone on your team to get onboard with the plan and help in the best way they can: by performing their tasks promptly, efficiently, and as best they could.

When the entire team is on crisis mode, the last thing they need is to be burdened with routine office tasks because they have other more important matters to attend to. And this is where temporary outsourced services will become an integral part of your business’ crisis management plan.

With a virtual receptionist managing all incoming office calls, even during off-hours if you do so require, and making sure these calls are answered promptly and subsequently directed to the right personnel if needed, will not only help divert or resolve the crisis but also prevent the issue from further escalating.

How will the virtual receptionist know what to say to callers inquiring about the crisis or even about the business in general? The virtual receptionist that you hire will undergo training to familiarize themselves with the business and address certain questions from callers. Where a more in-depth answer or assistance is required, the caller will be directed to the right company personnel.

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