Dispatch Answering Service Eases Call Overflow

If your business is service-oriented, such as installation and repair of utility lines like plumbing and electricity, emergency medical services, or IT, you receive calls at odd hours for emergency repairs or troubleshooting. When you don’t have the manpower to handle such calls, a dispatch answering service is the best cost-effective solution to your staff shortage.

What a dispatch answering service can do for your business

A dispatching service ensures every emergency call is promptly answered and directed to the right personnel, so appropriate and timely action can be taken. This service is particularly important if you are in the medical field where prompt action is critical to saving someone’s life.

Call overflow during emergency situations

A dispatching service can serve as your primary dispatch center or as additional dispatcher during peak hours or seasons, and emergencies where call overflow is inevitable. Emergencies like natural disasters, fire, and such mean phones will be ringing off the hook. When your dispatch center is overwhelmed with calls during such emergencies, it’s inevitable that some calls will be left unanswered. Having a reliable dispatching service you can turn to at a moment’s notice provides professional assistance when you need it.

Call screening

Additionally, trained dispatch agents can tell when a call is legitimate or when it’s a prank. It’s important to sift callers and separate those with genuine concerns from prank calls not only to save your business time and effort but more importantly, to have those with genuine concerns or emergencies promptly responded to. As mentioned above, there are emergency situations where a life could be in danger. Immediate response is critical.

Whatever field or industry your business belongs to, you receive calls throughout the day and after-hours as well. If you are to maintain your reputation, all calls must be promptly answered. Making customers or callers wait too long could eventually mean lost business.

With a dispatch answering service, you won’t have to worry about unanswered calls or callers having to wait a long time for their call to be picked up. Your own team won’t be overwhelmed as well because they have a backup team providing them with professional assistance.

Contact TAB Answer Network today for world-class dispatching service

Do you wish to learn more about TAB Answer Network’s dispatching service? Please feel free to contact TAB Answer Network through (800) 880-4324 to discuss your organization’s needs and how TAB Answer can help. Apart from dispatching service, TAB Answer also offers virtual office receptionist, order entry, scheduling, voicemail, and data delivery services.

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