Virtual Receptionist: Your Professional Assistant for a Hybrid Work Setup

A hybrid work setup has become the norm these days, with offices allowing employees to work from home on certain days, usually on rotation, so there will always be office personnel available for client visits or unscheduled meetings. And a professional virtual receptionist ensures there is always someone at the front desk handling your calls. This is where a virtual front desk assistant becomes an indispensable member of your hybrid operations.

How does a hybrid work model work?

The most basic premise of a hybrid setup is this: employees are given the flexibility to work outside the office provided they have a reliable internet connection and the right office or IT tools or both, whichever is applicable. Internet connectivity is integral in a hybrid setup because it enables employees to communicate remotely, whether for conference calls, strategic meetings, or client meetings.

Additionally, internet connectivity and IT tools also allow employees to share documents, edit reports on the go, and so on. And while all of this is going on, your virtual receptionist takes care of all office calls, directing each one to the right employee or answering simple inquiries, depending on what was previously agreed upon between the virtual services provider and the client.

What other services does a virtual receptionist usually offer?

Actual services offered by a virtual receptionist depend on the provider, and as mentioned above, what has been previously agreed upon. For your reference, TAB Answer Network’s virtual receptionist services also include the following:

  • Virtual Answering Service
  • Voicemail Screening Services, which include Voicemail Handoff and Voicemail Monitoring
  • Call Screening Services, which include caller and applicant screening

Also, again depending on the service provider, you may be given the flexibility to have a virtual front office system customized according to your organization’s specific needs, size, and industry, among other factors.

What are your specific needs? Let TAB Answer Network know so a customized system can be developed for you.

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