Dispatch Answering Service: Prompt and Reliable Virtual Dispatch Center

Businesses or facilities that offer emergency services don’t always have a dedicated dispatch center to receive and route calls. Whether it’s a budgetary constraint or lack of space to accommodate dispatch personnel and equipment, the fact remains that without a dedicated dispatch center, lives could be put at risk. A dispatch answering service that you can outsource is the ideal solution to your lack of space and/or budget issues.

Cost-effective and reliable virtual dispatch center

Do you own a medical facility or do you have your own private practice? Are you a contractor that offers plumbing or electrical services? Or perhaps you own a small law practice that offers legal advice to families? If the nature of your business falls under any one of these, you have most likely encountered emergency calls from clients, customers or patients who need urgent assistance.

You may have also missed one too many emergency calls because you were sleeping, resting, away from your phone, or busy with a job or project. Such missed calls also mean missed business opportunities.

To make your business more efficient, why not outsource a dispatch answering service that provides professionally trained live agents to answer emergency calls? An outsourced dispatching service is your cost-effective alternative to a dispatch center manned by your employees. With an outsourced dispatch service, you eliminate overhead costs altogether since you won’t be renting space, using utilities, and paying employee wages.

The best part about an outsourced dispatching service is that callers won’t know the live agents aren’t a part of your in-house team or that the dispatch center is actually virtual. Dispatch agents undergo training specific to your needs. They will learn all about your company and business, the services you offer, and such important details. Calls will be promptly answered, basic questions will be accurately addressed, and calls will be routed to the right personnel.

With an outsourced dispatching service, you can rest assured your dispatch center remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Are you ready to improve business efficiency with a dedicated dispatch answering service? Please feel free to call TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324 to discuss the nature of your business and your specific dispatching needs. You may also send them an email at answeringsolutions@tabanswernetwork.com for questions on dispatching service and virtual services they provide.


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