How Outsourced Online Order Entry Helps Small Businesses

Small businesses typically don’t have the kind of manpower that large corporations have, which means it’s fairly common for employees to tackle several tasks simultaneously. Understanding that small businesses have very limited budget, outsourcing companies like TAB Answer Network provide online order entry service and other services that small businesses need to assist them in their day-to-day.

How does online order entry help small businesses?

The specific terms and services of order entry services vary from one provider to the next, but basically, the ultimate goal is to ensure all orders are promptly and accurately taken, and then inputted on your website so your orders will be updated in real time. This helps you receive orders even while you and your staff are fast asleep, and subsequently process orders in a timely manner ensuring your customers won’t be made to wait a long time before receiving their items.

Additionally, a live agent ready to take orders from your customers even in late hours greatly improves your customer service. Buyers often have questions about the products they’re eyeing, and all too often, their questions are acknowledged by bots. These bots not only fail to provide an accurate answer but worse, they have completely eliminated that one important factor in customer service, the human touch. Customers will appreciate you more if they are able to interact with a live person instead of a bot. It shows them you value their time and their business.

TAB Answer Network online order entry service

To give you an idea of the services included in order entry, here are what TAB Answer Network offers with this particular outsourced service:

  • Order taking for website orders
  • Order entry on your website
  • Personal interaction with your customers
  • Prescreening loan applicants, where applicable
  • Catalog requests
  • Dealer locator

Dealer locator services help customers find your products and/or services nearest them. Even small businesses have satellite offices in key locations to reach a wider audience. Dealer locator can help new and existing customers find you.

Contact TAB Answer Network today for reliable order entry service and other virtual office services

Do you want to learn more how an online order entry can help your small business? Please feel free to call TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324 to discuss your needs. You may also send them an email at for questions on other outsourced routine office tasks and services they offer.


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