Virtual Front Office – Voicemail Handoff for Calls with Sensitive Information

For small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing routine tasks has become the norm since most businesses these days have adopted the hybrid work setup. Virtual Front Office tops the list among the most in-demand outsourced services, which includes aVoicemail Handoff service. Depending on the provider, you will be offered various services under Virtual Front Office – Virtual Receptionist Service. To give you an idea, these are what TAB Answer Network’s clients enjoy with their Front Office Virtual Receptionist Services:

  • Virtual Receptionist – Live Call Answering Service
  • Voicemail Screening – Pre-Screening
  • Voicemail Handoff
  • Voicemail Monitoring
  • Call Screening Services – Caller/Applicant Screening

Voicemail Handoff is particularly interesting to clients who receive office calls with sensitive data or information they don’t want to be divulged for business security reasons. If you’re new to this type of voicemail service, here’s how it works:

A call comes through the front desk and a live answering agent receives it. The caller asks to speak with you but you’re currently out of the office. The live agent then asks whether the caller wants to pass on the message to you but that the message is rather personal, confidential, and/or sensitive. The agent then suggests to the caller that he or she can opt to leave a voice message through TAB Answer Network’s secure voicemail system. You will then be informed that a confidential voicemail was left for you, which you can in the privacy of your office.

TAB Answer Network’s Virtual Receptionist and Voicemail Handoff services offer you a two-in-one solution to your front desk needs. How so? Calls are received and directed to a live answering agent, and if the message is confidential, the caller has the option to be routed to a secure voicemail system and leave a voice message.

This two-way system also helps improve your customer support service. Customers prefer having their calls taken by a real-time live agent, instead of being subjected to endless prompts only to be directed to a bot in the end.

Contact TAB Answer Network today for professional and reliable live answering solutions.

What other routine office tasks do you wish to outsource? Let TAB Answer know your specific requests so they can create a customized system for you. Feel free to call TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324. You may also send them an email at for questions or inquiries on voicemail handoff and other answering solutions they offer.


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