Outsourcing Order Taking Service Gives More Time for Urgent Tasks

If you own a small or medium-size business, you experience first-hand the challenges of operating with very limited resources, be it human resources or finances. You could even say that multi-tasking has become part of the job for you and your employees. Outsourcing such tasks and services as order taking service, front office receptionist, virtual assistant, and other similar services can give your staff their much-needed assistance without breaking the bank.

How does a virtual order taking service work?

You could think of this type of service as an extension of your office. Professionally trained live answering agents will take calls for orders, both online and offline depending on your preference, and input these orders on your website. This way, you will be updated in real time, and your staff can immediately process the orders as soon as office hours begin if your order taking service covers after-office hours and weekends.

If you staff is swamped with work, you can also outsource an order entry service during office hours to give your employees the time they need to complete their tasks, finish projects, and meet deadlines. In either case, you give your employees more time to not only accomplish their respective tasks but also allow them to attend to urgent matters if and when they do arise. This greatly improves workplace efficiency, enhances your customer support service, and basically improve overall operations.

Remote order taking service offers live customer support service

If there’s one thing that customers don’t appreciate these days, it’s having their questions answered by bots. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving automated responses for your urgent questions or concerns.

With an outsourced order entry service, customers’ calls will be answered by a live agent. They are trained to answer basic questions about your products and/or services, which means your customers will be talking to a real, live person for questions about your products/services. This can motivate callers to place their orders instead of dropping them, which is what usually happens when bots “answer” customers’ questions.

Are you ready to improve your order entry efficiency and overall operations? Let TAB Answer Network know your exact needs and requirements as well as your goals for outsourcing services, so they can discuss with you the best options for your business.

Please feel free to call TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324. You may also send them an email at answeringsolutions@tabanswernetwork.com for questions or inquiries on on-demand dispatching service and other answering solutions they offer.


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