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Businesses, regardless of size or industry, need a Front Desk personnel or receptionist to handle incoming calls and route each one to the appropriate department or employee. In the absence of a receptionist, employees will have to take these calls, which is an additional task they don’t need. A virtual answering service can handle office calls, so your employees can do their respective jobs without any distraction.

Is a virtual receptionist right for your business?

Despite the convenience it provides, some businesses are hesitant to hire the services of a virtual receptionist because they’re not sure if it’s actually a right fit for their organization. If you’re still unsure about whether or no to hire a virtual answering service, here a few situations where a virtual receptionist might be the best choice for you:

Increased volume of calls because of peak season

Every business has its own season, which basically means there is a specific season in the year when their products or services are in-demand. During this time, the number of incoming calls per day is expected to increase. A virtual agent can take the calls, take messages, route calls, and answer basic questions according to your instructions.

This ensures no sales calls are missed.

You are a start-up company with a small team

Start-ups usually only have a small in-house team, and often, they’re based out of the owner’s home or garage. Don’t let the size of your business affect your professionalism. With a professional virtual answering service always on standby to take calls, no one will ever guess that your receptionist isn’t part of your in-house team.

What’s more, each agent that will be assigned to your live answering service team will undergo training first to learn all about your company and to familiarize themselves with your core business and values. Calls will be answered according to your specific instructions as well.

Product launch

Product launches require months-long planning, from conceptualization to development and execution. In-between these mounting tasks, numerous calls will come in from vendors and suppliers, as well as VIP guests and attendees.

After the launch, your office should expect to receive numerous calls as well because there will surely be people who will inquire about the product, find out where it is available, and so on. You will need a full team to handle these calls, and this is where a professional virtual answering service will become an integral part of your product launch.

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