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Team, Timing, and Tasks: The Three T’s of Starting a Business

Any successful business owner will tell you that launching your own brand is serious business, which basically translates to learning everything there is to know about your business idea, chosen field, target audience, and everything in between. To...
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3 Common Pitfalls First-time Entrepreneurs Should Know About

First off, if you’re in the process of launching your own small business, you should know that there are certain office tasks that you can delegate to an external team, which can greatly help you save on launching...
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Top 4 Things to Remember About Texting in Business

Before digital communication became mainstream, texting was considered taboo in business. You simple don’t do it if you wish to be considered professional. Nowadays however, text messages have become an accepted means of communication in business. But here’s...
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Managing a Business: Voicemail and Data Delivery Services for Effortless Efficiency

Contrary to what some may think, managing a small business is not an easy task. The owner’s schedule is always filled to the brim, especially if the business is still in its initial launch phase. This is why...
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Starting a Small Business: How Contracting Services Help Maintain Professionalism

When you’re launching a small business, every detail — even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant ones — need to be checked and double-checked. On top of that, you need to attend to things that are deemed urgent (which...
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Tips on Managing Work-from-Home Stress

For a lot of office employees, working from home sounds appealing especially since they no longer have to drive or commute to and from work every day. At the onset of the pandemic, working from home appealed to...
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Managing a Small Business: Tips on Cutting Costs to Survive the Pandemic

COVID-19 has closed more shops and caused more bankruptcies than anyone could ever have imagined. Foreclosures and bankruptcies suddenly became part of the “pandemic’s norm.” And those businesses, especially small businesses, that have so far kept these at...
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Remote Work Challenge: Maintaining Productivity

While businesses have started re-opening and employees are returning to their physical offices, there are still businesses in the country and around the world that have opted to retain work-from-home arrangements for their employees. And while most employees...
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