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Small Businesses During COVID-19: Reasons to Hire a Call Answering Service

Managing a small business is challenging enough, especially if you’re still in the initial stages of establishing your brand; but managing a business during this time of the pandemic poses a lot more problems than one can anticipate...
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Managing a Small Business: 3 Reasons to Give Yourself a Break

Small businesses usually work with a limited workforce, which means almost everyone is handling more tasks than they can manage in a day. What this also means is that the business owner is doing more than the rest...
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Handling Customer Calls: 5 Tips on How to Deal with an Irate Caller

Businesses know that in order for them to remain profitable, they need to satisfy their customers all the time, which usually means being at the receiving end of their wrath from time to time. Customer service teams these...
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Phone Etiquette in Business: 5 More Tips to Keep Calls Professional

There are various reasons why companies fail to encourage brand loyalty but the one that almost always tops the list is poor customer service. Contrary to popular belief, product quality isn’t always the one deciding factor to motivate...
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Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses: Operating on Reduced Budget

When businesses had to close shop at the onset of the pandemic, they didn’t expect lockdown and physical distancing restrictions to go on as long as it has. These health and safety protocols, while reducing the risk of...
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Stress, Fear, and the Pandemic: COVID-19 and “Coronasomnia”

It’s been almost two years since the onset of the pandemic, and more than a year since people from all over the world had close, physical contact with friends and family outside their homes. Work-from-home arrangements, people losing...
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Top 3 Unhealthy Work-from-home Habits to Avoid

More than a year into the pandemic, not much has changed in terms of work-from-home arrangements. A lot of businesses are still operating fully or partially on a virtual platform, which means employees are still working from home...
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Digital Transformation: How Businesses Are Adapting to the Pandemic

At the onset of the pandemic, when lockdown restrictions were put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus, businesses had to halt operations for awhile; but what was supposed to be a weeks-long arrangement turned...
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