Top Benefits Patients Get from a Doctor’s Answering Service

When it comes to our medical, health, and wellness needs, sometimes questions need to be answered now. It happens to be the doctor’s and physician’s responsibility to make their patients feel that they’re getting the best possible care, and making your practice available during off-hours and ensuring it has the tools to properly handle an […]

6 Foundations of a Flawless On-Call Dispatching System

Many companies in a variety of industries are choosing to outsource to a live answering service for their call answering and on-call dispatching needs. Whether it’s during business hours or after hours, calls require immediate attention and expert handling. Businesses can’t afford to drop the ball on potential sales, customers, or patients who have urgent […]

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help My Business?

Enlisting the services of a virtual assistant will help your business in many respects while also saving you the money and hard work that goes into finding a human being to perform that service for you. At TAB Answer Network we specialize in helping businesses save money, time, and be more effective in their customer/client/patient […]

Top 6 Reasons Businesses Need an Answering Service

There are many reasons your business stands to benefit from utilizing an answering service that is experienced and well-respected within the industry. You’ll immediately be giving your business some advantages over your competition. Below TAB Answer Network goes over a few reasons that businesses can benefit from hiring an answering service like ours. For over […]

Industries that Can Benefit from a Call Answering Service

TAB Answer Network provides consistently effective call answering services for a variety of businesses in a vast array of industries. We thought we’d go over some specific industries that stand to gain the tremendous business benefits that come along with hiring a service such as ours. Entrepreneurs You might not realize it but you could […]

Benefits of a Call Answering Service for Your Business or Practice

When your company or practice gets a call, whether it’s from an existing or first-time patient/customer, essentially you are making a statement about your business every time you or an employee gets on the phone. If you’re losing calls and having trouble providing consistent call handling, then utilizing a professional call answering service is a […]

Best Creative Voicemail Greetings for Your Business

Your voicemail is often the first point of contact a prospect has with your business or practice. In cases of cold calls, your voicemail might even be your prospect’s first impression of your business or practice. Your voicemail greeting is also a great opportunity to shed your business in a positive and distinct light. 1.) […]

3 Reasons a Human Should Be Answering Your Phone

When it comes to who (or in some cases what) is answering your phone at your place of business, it’s important that you’re connecting to your customers, clients, and associates in the correct way. When it comes down to it (and this is particularly true of being on the phone), people just want to talk […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Virtual Phone Receptionist Service

For businesses looking to make better connections with their callers, whether it’s a first time caller experiencing your business for the first time, or a return patient/client/customer, a virtual phone receptionist service is an incredibly useful tool that will give you an immediate advantage over competitors. Below TAB Answer Network goes over 5 reasons you […]