Small Businesses That are Thriving in the Time of COVID-19

When people were asked to stay at home to keep the threat of COVID-19 at bay, businesses were hit hard. No industry was spared. One by one, the world saw businesses shutting down; even long-established names that have been around for decades, even centuries. But as people started adjusting to life in the “new normal,” […]

Three Reasons to Boost Customer Experience During a Crisis

Several months into the pandemic, people have become even more worried, restless, and agitated. All of a sudden, the line that helps you achieve a feasible work-life balance has disappeared; and work-life balance has once more become an ever-elusive dream. Consumers staying at home working and being teacher and parent at the same time find […]

3 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Saves Small Businesses Money

Business owners are always open to suggestions and recommendations on how to save on operational costs, especially for owners of startups and small businesses. And cutting costs and saving money has become an even more integral part of business ownership in these trying times. Here’s something to ponder on if you own a small business: […]

Top 3 Work Issues That Emerged in the Time of the Pandemic

Several months into the global pandemic that caught the world by surprise, businesses, especially small and medium businesses, find themselves struggling to stay afloat. Those lucky enough to still be in business are now scrambling to address the unique challenges that emerged due to the pandemic to keep bankruptcy at bay. Companies that offer live […]