Primary Functions of a Telephone Service

Telecommunications providers generally help a business process incoming calls on the telephone, whether they come in during your regular business hours or outside of those normal time frames. Below, TAB Answer Network goes over some of the primary functions of an effective telephone service provider. Call Relaying Telephone answering services help field and transfer calls […]

A Closer Look at After-Hours Dispatching

The truth is, there are very few businesses and industries that work 24 hours out of each day. This means that your business, no matter what industry you operate in, has to have a plan for what you’re going to do when customers, potential clients, or existing or prospective patients call your place of business […]

3 Ways a Professional Answering Service Can Improve Your Small Business

Starting a small business or running a small business can be an exciting thing, but it can also be a stressful experience as well. When you own/operate a small business, every second, every cent, and every customer counts. That’s why hiring a professional phone answering service is a smart decision for any small business owner/operator. […]

How to Effectively Set Up a Business Telephone System

When selecting a business telephone system, it’s important to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You have some important decisions to make, like deciding on the type of phone system you prefer, one that works best for your particular business. You also have to determine whether or not you need multiple lines, not to […]

How An After Hours Dispatching Service Works

If you rely on your in-house staff to answer calls, what is your plan for calls that come in after hours? Most businesses simply do not operate 24 hours a day, which means businesses that rely on in-house phone answering redirect calls to an answering machine. This can present a considerable amount of problems, not […]

5 Essential Benefits of Using a Medical Answering Service

Medical practices are hectic places, places that get a ton of action in the office, not to mention a place that has to field a considerable amount of calls throughout the day, each one presenting a distinct problem or challenge that needs to be addressed promptly. Below, TAB Answer Network goes over some of the […]

Why Successful Phone Call Execution is Essential to Customer Service

Take a moment to think about the last time you were in the role of customer. When was the last time you visited a business point blank before calling them first? Is there nothing prominent that comes to mind? Okay, we’ll wait while you dig deep into your memory… If you’re having trouble remembering the […]

5 Reasons to Choose a Live Answering Service in Irvine, CA

When choosing a phone answering service for your business, it’s important to remember that not all are created equal. Some phone answering services have better reputations than others, for instance. Some phone answering services charge set prices while others might charge extra fees that can really start to add up. Other phone answering services might […]

How to Hire the Best Doctors Answering Service

If you own or operate a medical practice, you likely recognize the importance of properly receiving calls from existing and prospective patients. Just like you are expected to operate with precision, you should expect your answering service to operate while operating at the same level of detail. If you have an in-house receptionist, it’s time […]

Top Business Advantages a Telephone Answering Service Can Provide

If you own or operate a business you likely have a philosophy about how incoming calls should be handled. However, maybe your in-house team members aren’t the best at handling the phones. Enlisting the services of a telephone answering service is a viable option for businesses in a variety of industries, especially for companies looking […]