COVID-19 and its Impact on Call Volume for Businesses

Living in a global pandemic has presented everyone with making fast changes and decisions in order to navigate an uncertain future — and that’s actually to say the least. We’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of coverage about hospitals and unemployment services getting bogged down by serious numbers, but, the truth […]

Benefits of Providing 24/7 Customer Support During Coronavirus

In times where people and businesses are more connected than ever, many customers, clients, and/or patients would like to be able to get in touch with several companies after hours. In such scenarios, it’s a great idea to offer 24/7 customer support, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re simply operating on the 9-5 business […]

How is Your Business Answering Your Phones During COVID-19 Closures?

Whether your business is considered essential or non-essential, it’s still important that callers have a point of contact if they ever need to get in touch with your business. If you’re leaving it up to your answering machine to capture every call, you’re likely losing money and risking the reputation of your business simultaneously. During […]

Key Aspects of a Virtual Receptionist

If you’ve ever wondered about the virtues of hiring a virtual receptionist for your business needs, you’re not alone. Callers generally like to deal with human beings when deciding whether or not to commit to utilizing your brand, but most business owners/operators do not have the time to field each and every call with precision […]