Top 4 Things Businesses Can Learn from COVID-19

When governments around the world ordered cities and states to restrict movement, ban travelers, and basically force everyone to stay indoors, no one saw it coming even if the threat of COVID-19 was already looming in the horizon. No one saw how much the virus would disrupt lives and change the world as we know […]

Top 3 Employee Concerns That Emerged in the Time of COVID-19

Safety is the No. 1 priority of everyone these days as the threat of COVID-19 remains. This goes without saying that employees returning to work at their physical offices have a few apprehensions as they fear returning to work will expose them to the virus and increase their risk for contracting the disease. These are […]

3 Ways COVID-19 Changed the Way We Work

At the onset of the pandemic, establishments, facilities, and institutions had to temporarily close their physical offices, which resulted in organizations shifting to online operations without warning. Employers and employees struggled as no one was prepared for the sudden shift to working from home. As business struggled to cope with the shift, consumers too felt […]

Top 3 work-from-home challenges that emerged during the pandemic

When businesses were forced to temporarily close shop and run operations through a virtual platform, employees suddenly found themselves working from home. What was supposed to be a short, temporarily hurdle has become the new normal and therein lies the problem: individuals, especially parents to young children, forced to simultaneously become employee and parent. In […]

3 Ways a Live Answering Service Outperforms Automated Response

In business, quality trumps quantity every time. This is especially true where your customers are concerned. Being given the personal touch is what will encourage them to be loyal to your brand and company. An exceptionally good customer experience will give you rewards far beyond your expectations. So when the question of whether or not […]

Small Businesses That are Thriving in the Time of COVID-19

When people were asked to stay at home to keep the threat of COVID-19 at bay, businesses were hit hard. No industry was spared. One by one, the world saw businesses shutting down; even long-established names that have been around for decades, even centuries. But as people started adjusting to life in the “new normal,” […]

Three Reasons to Boost Customer Experience During a Crisis

Several months into the pandemic, people have become even more worried, restless, and agitated. All of a sudden, the line that helps you achieve a feasible work-life balance has disappeared; and work-life balance has once more become an ever-elusive dream. Consumers staying at home working and being teacher and parent at the same time find […]