TAB Answer Network 24-hour Dispatch Answering Service

Dispatching Answering Service

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, IT Support, Emergency Medical Technician or a general contractor, TAB Answer Network is your 24/7 dispatch center. You will never miss an emergency call again.


24 Hour Dispatching Center

TAB Answer Network is your reliable 24 hour dispatching center, designating a dedicated team of professionally trained agents to each client to ensure their dispatching service remains open and uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This considerably minimizes the risk of missing emergency calls, particularly for professionals in the medical field where immediate response is critical to saving a life.

Automated Dispatch Systems

TAB Answer Network’s automated dispatching system is a proprietary dispatching service that streamlines the call-answering and call-routing process, allowing our agents to ensure that your messages are delivered in an emergency. In a word, TAB’s Dispatching Answering Service dramatically improves your Dispatch Center, and thus, your general dispatching service.

How the Automated Dispatch System works

Briefly, here’s how TAB Answer Network’s proprietary automated dispatching system works:

Automated Escalation

TAB Answer Network utilizes automated dispatch scripting for your Dispatch Call Center to reach you for those urgent calls. Whether it’s one step or ten, your instructions are followed in a timely manner; and backed by our courteous and professional dispatching answering service staff.

Email Response

Need to reach us but no time to call? Simply send us a text or email response to any message we’ve sent you. You can reply with additional instructions or changes you wish to make for your Dispatch Center. Messages are received immediately and executed by our staff. You can conduct your business while you’re on the move. This is one convenience that our clients greatly appreciate about our dispatching service.

With our professional and reliable dispatching service, you are afforded the flexibility of going about your regular routine without worrying about missing important, even critical, emergency calls.

Contact TAB Answer Network today for reliable 24/7 dispatch service

Are you ready to turn your usual Dispatch Call Center into a reliable 24 hour dispatching center that utilizes TAB Answer Network’s Automated Dispatch Systems? Tell us your needs and requirements, so we can customize a dispatch system that is the right fit for your organization. Please feel free to give us a call at (800) 880-4324 discuss your needs, or for questions or inquiries. We’d be glad to hear from you.