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Front Office

Virtual Receptionist Services: Receptionist on Demand:

Whether your office is growing, or you are down-sizing, TAB Answer Network’s Virtual Receptionist Services – Receptionist on Demand can assist you. Our professionally trained telephone agents will screen your calls and get them to the right person or department in a timely manner. Your staff will not miss a step and are free to handle your business needs.


Voicemail Screening Services – Pre-Screening:

TAB Answer Network’s Voicemail Screening Services offer a cost-effective means of handling all your office calls. Our voicemail services provide an all-in-one solution, enabling you to cut down on overhead costs. How so? In a word, our Voicemail Screening Services can be your receptionist, dispatcher, or even an entire switchboard for the office thus affording you the option to forego hiring an in-house team to handle all these tasks.

Just tell us what you need, and we can design a system that will enhance your business.

Voicemail Handoff:

Combine TAB’s Receptionist on Demand with our state-of-the-art voicemail system. With Voicemail Handoff, your lines are answered by our courteous and professional agents who then offer your callers with confidential or sensitive messages the option to leave their personal message(s) for you in our secure voicemail system. This two-in-one combination can dramatically improve your customer service as well.

For your reference, our Voicemail Services include the following:

  • Voicemail Screening
  • Voicemail Handoff
  • Voicemail Monitoring

Call Screening Services – Caller/Applicant Screening:

Running an ad for a job opening? Sending direct mail questionnaires? Let TAB Answer Network’s Call Screening Services screen those calls for you. How does it work? It’s simple and straightforward yet highly effective and efficient. Our staff will ask the questions and fill in the blanks for you. We will design a report format unique to your needs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, whichever you prefer.

What type of Front Office service does your organization need? We are here to help! For your reference, our Front Office – Virtual Receptionist Services include the following:

  • Virtual Office Receptionist
  • Virtual Answering Service
  • Voicemail Screening Services (including Voicemail Handoff and Voicemail Monitoring)
  • Call Screening Services (including caller and applicant screening)

Tell us what you need, and we’ll customize a system that is the ideal fit for your organization based on your needs and goals.

For questions or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324

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