Hints & Tips

Work smarter, not harder

Consider using Delayed Call Forwarding integrated with Busy Call Forwarding in order to ensure that you will always have a destination for your calls. When you combine these two basic telephone options, you create a form of “Telephone Insurance.”

You or your company will never miss a call, and will enhance your presence and perception to your customers. These two options are available through your existing phone company and through most telephone systems.

Letting us know about any changes in personnel and your staff’s telephone numbers can make all the difference in how quickly your message is dispatched.

Look into using your cell phone and your office phone to link our staff with your callers. We can professionally screen your calls with a thinking person rather than with an automated system that might not be able to reroute your calls, or that might turn off your callers with an impersonalized experience.


Use cell phone text messaging to receive your messages from us because, in most cases, it’s free and reasonably easy to use.

Make sure to check the options available and the limitations of the current phones you use. If you have a phone system, know who is responsible for servicing and updates. Know how to use your phones correctly and check the wiring on a monthly basis. This also applies to your computers. Most problems are often in the cabling, so check your cables before you call tech or repair support.

Consider signing up for a remote call forwarding turn on feature. In case you or your staff forget to forward your calls, you can either forward your calls from anywhere, or we can do it for you – another form of “Telephone Insurance.”

Create a simple website to broaden your presence and enhance your ability to communicate with customers, associates, patients, etc. More and more businesses are using the Web in conjunction with their telephones to save time.