Medical and Dental Offices

Your patient’s needs are important and you need their calls delivered to you efficiently and accurately. Whatever your specialty is we form the perfect relationship between you and your patient.

Order Taking

With TAB AnswerNetwork there will be no more missed sales. Impulse buyers and busy people can order when it is convenient for them. We are here 24/7 to take those order’s for you.

The Law

Whether a single practice or a fully staffed firm we can assist with your needs. Whether you are in court, with a client or gone for the day, we can make sure there are no missed calls. Your clients and staff will know they can count on us.

Customer Service

Not all customer’s call during business hours. With TAB AnswerNetwork available 24/7, we will be here to answer your customers questions and concerns.

Property Management

You can rest easy when walking the property, showing a space or attending an emergency, knowing your phones are being handled properly. All property management companies have special needs and we design our service to fill those needs. We know the difference between fire, flood and blood calls and a car parked in the wrong spot.

Service Dispatch

When your customer needs you, a timely dispatch is vital. Our system’s automated reminders will ensure that our operators don’t drop the call.

Business Offices

What happens when your receptionis calls in sick, or you feel the need to cut back on employee hours? You can’t stay in the office to answer the phone. Let our staff fill in and take your calls. That way you can run your business.