3 Phone Etiquette Rules That Can Help Grow Your Small Business

In this time of COVID-19 where businesses are struggling to stay afloat and individuals are finding themselves either working from home or losing their jobs, small businesses that are lucky enough to still have a fighting chance can’t afford to be complacent. No aspect of operations should be neglected, especially now that consumers are staying […]

3 Ways a Phone Answering Service Becomes Essential in the Time of COVID-19

With practically the entire world on lockdown, life, as we know it, has come to an unexpected halt. For businesses, this means closing their doors temporarily. To mitigate losses, businesses shifted operations from brick and mortar offices to online workspaces. This shift isn’t easy for most businesses, especially those whose online presence is limited to […]

How Small Businesses Can Get Employees Back to Full-Time During COVID-19

During this time of coronavirus, which has grown into a certified pandemic, many small businesses have been forced to lay off or significantly reduce their full-time employee’s hours, which has left many folks out there needing government assistance in order to get by. Many businesses are getting loans in order to continue to pay their […]

How Answering Services Are Benefitting Doctors During Times of COVID-19

An answering service is an easy addition to make for medical and dental practices that can and will have a huge impact. Medical practices during times of COVID-19 are tasked with executing their treatments and services while maintaining a high level of patient/customer service in the process. Doctors are tasked with being specialists in their […]

3 Ways an Experienced Call Processing Service Can Save Your Small Business Dollars

Whether you’re a small business owner scaling down during uncertain times or you’re looking to level up your business’s call-handling abilities, an experienced call processing service might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Your small business or medical/dental practice stands to save a ton of money by enlisting a service like TAB Answer Network, […]

COVID-19 and its Impact on Call Volume for Businesses

Living in a global pandemic has presented everyone with making fast changes and decisions in order to navigate an uncertain future — and that’s actually to say the least. We’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of coverage about hospitals and unemployment services getting bogged down by serious numbers, but, the truth […]

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Improve Client Confidence In Your Small Business

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that your company has to behave like one. One of the many pitfalls that the consumer complains about when dealing with small businesses, is a small business’s inability to handle their every need at the moment. The more successful your small business becomes, the more challenges you’re […]

Benefits of Providing 24/7 Customer Support During Coronavirus

In times where people and businesses are more connected than ever, many customers, clients, and/or patients would like to be able to get in touch with several companies after hours. In such scenarios, it’s a great idea to offer 24/7 customer support, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re simply operating on the 9-5 business […]

How is Your Business Answering Your Phones During COVID-19 Closures?

Whether your business is considered essential or non-essential, it’s still important that callers have a point of contact if they ever need to get in touch with your business. If you’re leaving it up to your answering machine to capture every call, you’re likely losing money and risking the reputation of your business simultaneously. During […]